BrittneyHi! I’m Brittney… also known as Blue Eyed Explorer (blue.eyed.explorer via Instagram). Born and raised Canadian girl with a deep passion for travel, the environment, and adventure!

Since I was a young girl, I dreamt of exploring the world. To see breathtaking landscapes, taste ethnic foods, converse with the locals, and learn the rich history of each place I visit.

I began traveling the world after finishing my University degree in Environmental Studies & the Natural Sciences. Throughout my studies, I took time to develop my skills as a writer and photographer – writing freelance for international magazines. Once I graduated, it was time to take my skills to the streets. So, I began traveling and never looked back!

My passion for photography and writing became all too clear throughout my travels as I was always eager and excited to wake up at the crack of dawn with each passing day to run around and capture the natural lives of the people, the wild waves of the ocean, the majestic tropical jungles, and the sweet goodbyes of the sun as it kissed the earth goodnight at the end of each day. All of this to tell a story. A story for my own personal pleasure to look back on or for the people that have swiped through my photos in hopes of inspiring a bit of joy, happiness, motivation, and wanderlust.

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