“More than 75% of women experience vaginal health issues but silently manage fem-care issues. As a brand, we want to empower women and normalize these topics and provide you with healthier alternatives.”

Fem-care should not be a taboo topic, it needs to be something any woman can feel comfortable talking about! It’s not embarrassing to have questions or concerns and it needs to be normalized in today’s society. Recently, I had the opportunity to collaborate with an amazing Aussie based fem-care line and highly recommend the products! Founder, Genifur, has created Australia’s 1st plant-based products of its kind. All products are natural, organic, and made to be gentle for sensitive areas. I got the starter kit and will go through the products below:

Step 1: Not-Just-A-Pussy-Wash

This is a plant-based, soothing foaming wash to restore the natural pH balance. The product is multi-use and can be used on other sensitive areas such as underarms and face. The wash has the option of unscented or scents including coconut and chamomile.

Step 2: Not-Just-A-Pussy-Mist

This gentle spray helps to instantly refresh on the go. It’s a great product to put in your gym or travel bag to stay clean after your workout or a long flight! This is another multi-use product that can be used as a face mist.

Step 3: Not-Just-A-Pussy-Cream

This mild cream helps soothe any discomfort from sensitive areas including underarms and thighs. The cream is fragrance free and rich in vitamin D, C, and E.

Cotton Pads

Traditional pads are made with plastic and chemicals, equal to three plastic bags per pad. Synk pads are 100% organic cotton and are made to be breathable and supportive.

Hand Sanitizer Spray

Coco-lime sanitizer spray made from 70% ethanol can be used on hands or other surfaces and has an amazing coconut smell.

Products can be bought individually or in kits. There are three kit options to choose from: The Starter, 1 Month Vagina Detox, and the 3 Months Vagina Detox.

For further information or to order the products online, visit the website here!

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