Hudson Bay Distillers

Hudson Bay Distillers

“Grain to Glass, Field to Friend”

Out in the Saskatchewan Prairies, in a village called Landis, is a new family owned distillery, named the Hudson Bay Distillers. Originally the family is from Hudson Bay, Saskatchewan and implemented this into the name to bring a little piece of home into their new journey. I had the opportunity to take a private tour with my friend (co-owner of Hudson Bay Distillers) Cavrin, who taught me all about the magic that goes into creating a premium spirit. Full of enthusiasm and passion, he walked me through from the beginning stages of processing the grain to the end stages of multiple distillations to create the 40% ‘Aurora Vodka’.


The name ‘Aurora’ was thought to represent the aurora borealis which embodies the true beauty of the prairies. Many people from out of province don’t even know that we get an amazing Northern Lights show throughout different months of the year. People travel far and wide to see this natural phenomenon that we are lucky enough to see in our own backyard!

After sampling the spirit, fresh from distillation, I could tell it was different from other vodkas. A strong, smooth taste that would be great on its own or mixed into a cocktail. I like mine mixed in an all Canadian favourite – the Caesar! (*Check out my Caesar recipe below!)


From farming the high-quality grain, to individually bottling each product by hand, the family has put in so much work to make sure their brand stays local! Purchasing local is more important than even as a means of helping small businesses and our local economy. Plus, buying local is much more environmentally friendly as these products generally have a smaller ecological footprint.

If you are interested in trying out Saskatchewan’s newest premium spirit, visit select local stores!


Prairie Caesar

Add ice

1.5 oz Aurora Vodka*

Dash of Tabasco

Dash of Worcestershire Sauce

1 oz Pickle Juice

Fill glass with ‘Clamato’ Juice (Tomato-Clam Juice)

Top it off with a piece of celery, a pickle, & pickled bean!

Rim: Lime Juice & Celery Salt

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